It was only last year that Tanishq Abraham graduated from high school at the ripe old age of… 10?! Huh? Whaaaa?

Now, this past Wednesday, he just graduated from college with not one, not two, but three associate degrees — one in Math, one in Science, and one in Kicking Ass and Taking Names. Just kidding, it was in Foreign Language Studies.

Earning the degrees from American River College in Sacramento, the pre-teen wunderkind accomplished the feat by taking college courses when he was in high school. But no, I’m sure being Vice President of the AV Club looked great on your high school resume, reader.

His plans for the future? Oh, just getting his bachelor degree, becoming a Nobel Prize-winning doctor and medical researcher a la Doogie Howser. Oh yeah, and then he plans on getting a boring 9-to-5 as President of the United States. I just hope that one day he isn’t enslaving Earth with his mind waves like some sort of James Bond villain.

Tanishq became a member of Mensa at 4, before being home schooled at 7. I offer up my sincerest congratulations to Tanishq. Well done, bud!


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