A Berkeley Grad Wasn’t Happy At His In-N-Out Job, So He Tried...

A Berkeley Grad Wasn’t Happy At His In-N-Out Job, So He Tried To MURDER HIS BOSS?


Listen, I’ll be the first to tell you that working in fast food sucks. It’s hard work, and people treat you like crap, and you don’t get paid enough to put up with half the things you’re expected to put up with. But, like, I’ve never tried to kill anyone because I was disenchanted with my employment. I have different ways of letting off steam, like venting to friends, or my severe alcohol addiction. One guy handled it a little different.

A 23-year-old man, and Berkeley grad, Eric Bloss waited by his boss’ car at the Glendale In-N-Out parking lot, armed with two handguns. He already disabled his employer’s car by pouring sugar in the gas tank.

Thankfully, he was arrested before he could carry out his plan when a witness saw him fiddling with the car at 2AM. A third firearm was found in his car. It is unclear if his manager was the only intended victim. We’re thankful he got caught before anyone got hurt.

His roommate confirmed that the man believed that his employer was “reprimanding him unfairly” and that he was disgruntled with the job.

Bloss is being held $250,000 bail, but no word yet on if he’ll be charged with attempted murder or Double Double Homicide.


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