A Grandmother Just Gave Birth To Quadruplets At WHAT Age?!

A Grandmother Just Gave Birth To Quadruplets At WHAT Age?!


This woman really loves kids.

This woman <em>really</em> loves kids.

Germany’s Annegret Raunigk has just set a record by becoming the oldest woman to ever give birth to quadruplets… at age 65!

Three boys and one girl were delivered by Cesarean section after a pregnancy that lasted just 26 weeks. The babies are currently being kept inside incubators due to their prematurity but they have a good chance of surviving.

This would be a really sweet story about a woman who had been infertile all of her life and finally was able to give birth… except that she already has kids. But just one, right? Nope, 13 others actually. Not to mention 7 grandchildren.

How was Annegret able to even get pregnant at her age? Apparently, it was the result of in vitro fertilization with donated sperm and eggs.

A decade ago, Annegret was in the news for giving birth at age 55. She claims that she got pregnant again because her now 10-year-old daughter wanted a sibling. (The other 12 weren’t cutting it?)

Anyway, the quadruplets, as of now, are relatively healthy and that’s what matters most. We at First Slice are hoping they remain that way for years to come.


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