AT&T Bills 83-Year-Old Over $24,000 For Two Months Worth Of AOL Dial...

AT&T Bills 83-Year-Old Over $24,000 For Two Months Worth Of AOL Dial Up!


I know, I know, I’m shocked too. AOL is still in business? Unbelievable!

AT&T has definitely rethought possible when it comes to their effort to get away with this absolute bullsh*t.

83-year-old retiree Ron Dorff had been paying AT&T on average $51 a month for his AOL dial-up internet service, which already seems crazy to begin with. 51 bucks for AOL? Listen, we all love talking with our bestie SmarterChild, but still there comes a time to move on from your buddy list.

Well, this March things somehow got worse for Ron.

Instead of receiving the classic “you’ve got mail” followed by the incessant screech of a dial-up modem, Ron got mail of a different sort: a bill for $8,596.57.

Either Ron downloaded the entire internet in a month, or there was some sort of error. I’m going to make an educated guess, and say it was the latter of the two.

Ron called AT&T who promised to send a technician to clear it up. Well, instead of sending a technician, they sent another in bill that added $15,687 to his tab.

Well, the telecom conglomerate eventually sent out a technician, who figured out it was a problem wiith his modem, but guess what, they decided that Ron still had to pay the fee, because modems cost over $25,000?

Of course, AT&T decided to correct the mistake once the Los Angeles Times contacted them, and said they never intended to charge him the bill. Oh, suuuuuuuuuure. Riiiiiiiight.

To AT&T, the freak bill was a “rare” occurrence. Well, I certainly hope Ron doesn’t have this “rare” occurrence ever again.


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