Baby Kangaroo Torn From Mothers Pouch As Wisconsin Zoo Is Robbed Of...

Baby Kangaroo Torn From Mothers Pouch As Wisconsin Zoo Is Robbed Of Baby Animals


Tragedy has struck the Special Memories Zoo in Greenville, Wisconsin.

Officials confirmed on Sunday that four baby goats and a baby red kangaroo were stolen from the zoo.

The theft happened at the Zoo’s winter holding facility, which was left unlocked. Obviously, stealing baby animals is an awful crime, but these babies were so young, they’re not expected to survive long.

The baby goats can’t eat on their own; they need to be bottle fed. The baby joey needs to spend the first year of its life in its mother’s pouch or else it will die. It needs special care and formula or else it might not even last a day.

The worst part is they found out the joey was missing when they saw the mother’s pouch hanging out. The joey was ripped from her pouch so violently it turned inside out. They’re hoping she recovers from the damage or else she won’t be able to have babies anymore.

Who could steal these?!

Who could steal these?!

The zoo owners can only hope that their animals were stolen by someone who knows how to take care of them. Otherwise it’s most likely already too late.

Owner Dona Wheeler and her husband have operated the zoo for 15 years and have never had a theft issue before. They never installed security cameras or anything, though they are adding more locks and cameras now.

This is pure awful. I really hope these people get their baby animals back.

Check out this video for a little more info on this terrible situation:



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