Beauty Health Review: Tung Brush and Tung Gel

Beauty Health Review: Tung Brush and Tung Gel


%image_alt%Do you suffer from bad breath? Have you tried everything to get rid of the horrid smell but it just doesn’t seem to go away? I too suffer from bad breath from time to time and the cause of it comes from bacteria that sits on the tongue. Since there are so many crevices on the tongue, it’s very easy for bacteria to hide which makes it that much harder to get rid of bad breath. Now there’s a solution to bad breath so let me introduce to you Tung Brush and Tung Gel.

Designed and developed by a dentist, Tung Brush properly cleans your tongue including the hard to reach places. The Tung Gel works in conjunction with the Tung Brush to keep your breath fresh and clean all day long. Much wider than a regular toothbrush and more effective than a tongue scraper, the Tung Brush is the newest solution to eliminating bad breath.

I had the opportunity to try Tung Brush and Tung Gel and I’m quite pleased with the results. The Tung Brush is round and wide which makes it easier to brush the tongue thoroughly. It is soft on the tongue and I didn’t feel the need to gag. The Tung Gel is great because not only does is it minty fresh, it contains Zinc Chloride which helps neutralize bad breath. Talk about a double knockout! :)

You can’t use one without the using the other so if it sounds like a product you would like to try, make sure to get both. Both are great products that definitely deserves a 5/5!

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