Chicago’s Art Institute Receives Largest Gift Ever Worth $400 Million That Includes...

Chicago’s Art Institute Receives Largest Gift Ever Worth $400 Million That Includes 9 Warhols!


Art is alive and well in Chicago, if not a little cold.

If you’re ever in Chicago, and need a place to shelter yourself from the Tolstoy-esque chill, AND somewhere to enjoy art at the same time, then there’s even more of an incentive to choose the Art Institute every single time.

Philanthropists Stefan Edlis and Gael Neeson have donated their private contemporary art collection to the Institute, a range of artwork that spans from 1947 all the way to 2011.

This is not your kid’s macaroni art that you put on your fridge kind of art collection. This is the real deal.

The whole gift is worth an estimated $400 million, and its the largest donation made to the museum in its history.

The Art Institute’s curator James Rondeau was over the moon about the donation’s cultural significance:

“At every turn this fills a gap with an iconic masterpiece, but the essence of the story is pop art. Chicago in general and the Art Institute in particular have been historically poor in collections of classic pop art, and this in one single gift changes that forever.”

The donation includes pieces by Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, and Cindy Sherman. That’s right, the museum is getting 9 Warhols.

Will you be visiting Chicago now that this artistic addition has been made?


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