Cookie Monster Arrested in NYC for Groping Teen

Cookie Monster Arrested in NYC for Groping Teen


Cookie Monster…. WHY!?

Apparently, Cookie Monster wanted another type of a treat over the weekend.

Anyone who has had the delight (that is sarcasm) of visiting Times Square has run into one of these costume wearing tourist traps. The outfits are dirty, their eyes are slightly dead, their smell… oh, God, the smell… When the mayor got rid of the homeless population in the tourist part of New York City, we suspect they all just decided to dress up as kid’s favorite characters, to pose for pictures and earn some cash.

Ranulfo Perez, 48, the man inside a Cookie Monster suit, allegedly pulled a teen into a hug to grope her breasts. According to CBS, the Manhattan District Attorney’s is declining to prosecute, and the charges have been dropped.

If you ask us, it’s time NYC outlawed the RUINING OF CHILDHOOD, by making this off-brand characters hit the dusty trail. This isn’t the first time children show characters were behaving badly. A woman dressed as Elmo was arrested on an aggressive panhandling charge last September, and in 2012 a man dressed as Elmo shouted anti-semitic slurs in Times Square.




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