Couple Files Lawsuit After Engagement Photo Appears On Poorly Titled Erotic Novel

Couple Files Lawsuit After Engagement Photo Appears On Poorly Titled Erotic Novel


Erotic novels bring joy to countless people across this beautiful world of ours, and the latest fad is, of course, erotic fanfiction being self-published on Amazon. Some of these gain a huge following, namely the Twilight fanfiction that is now a hugely popular book and film franchise, 50 Shades of Grey. And while 50 Shades does get it’s fair share of jokes and jabs for it’s ridiculous sex-scenes, there are others that are far worse.

This is one of them.

Just look at this cover. We don’t even have to crack it open to read an excerpt to know exactly what is going to happen. Break it down, the title is A Gronking To Remember, the tagline is, “It was a passion that could not be spiked.”

…It says it’s book one in a series of Rob Gronkowski-centered erotica. Book one of HOW MANY, Lacey?!

The self-published novel is about a woman who falls in love with the Patriot’s tight end, Rob Gronkowski, after witnessing his famous “Gronk Spike.”

It’s pretty bad, right? What’s worse is the couple on the cover aren’t just a stock image. They’re a real life couple, this is their engagement shoot, and they never gave Lacey Noonan (not her real name) permission to use their image. Now, John and Jane Roe of Ohio, are suing Noonan and Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple for stocking the book. This is probably not what Lacey was expecting when she released her dirty novella to the world.

Telegraph quotes the lawsuit:

The use of the Plaintiffs image has held them up to ridicule and embarrassment… This outrageous connection has been further aggravated when the book, with the Plaintiffs image, has been reproduced in the media nationwide. The book has been shown as a source of ribald humour on The Tonight Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live as well as being displayed and read before the press at media day for the Super Bowl.

Here’s the said embarrassing video of Rob Gronkowski reading from the book on Jimmy Kimmel Live.


The image has been changed on Amazon to show another couple, who hopefully agreed to it. We sincerely wish that John and Jane Roe can put this Gronking behind them.


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