Dancing Man Who Got Bodyshamed Gets The Hollywood Dance Party Of A...

Dancing Man Who Got Bodyshamed Gets The Hollywood Dance Party Of A Lifetime!



Hundreds showed up for this dance party that is sure to brighten up your day reading about it.

After an anonymous commenter on 4chan body shamed Liverpool native Sean O’Brien for dancing, two Echo Park women, Hope Leigh and Cassandra Fairbanks, decided that this cyber bullying could be turned into something for more positive.

After a successful Twitter-wide hunt to find the so-called (and trending hashtag) Dancing Man, the party planning began in earnest to give Sean the most epic Hollywood send-off imaginable.

Over $40,000 were raised by a GoFundMe to bring Sean to LA, and to give him the best night of dancing imaginable.

It all went down at Hollywood’s Avalon club on Saturday night. I’ve been there once, and yeah, it was a great time. I imagine this night was about 9000% the experience I had. Why? Well, the event was more star-studded than the Griffith Observatory (Get it? Stars? All right, I’ll stop).

We’re talking big named musicians like Pharrell and Moby, and even Monica Lewinsky made an appearance. Not only did Pharrell share a prerecorded message, he reportedly performed for the crowd, and even sent Sean a tweet:

How did Sean respond to all this loving?

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I’m going to grasp it with both hands.”

We’re glad he had the night of judgement-free dancing that we all deserve.


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