Ecstasy For Autistic Adults? MDMA Studied As Social Anxiety Treatment

Ecstasy For Autistic Adults? MDMA Studied As Social Anxiety Treatment


And in “no duh” news of the day: the drug people take recreationally to ease social tensions so they can “cut loose” and “boogie down” might offer medicinal benefits for others with social anxiety.

Wowzers, really? Why, yes, m’readers! There are already even studies about the benefits of MDMA-based psychotherapy for people working through PTSD.

Now, in a new super awesome study, scientists are testing to see if MDMA (the chief drug in Ecstasy) could help lessen social anxiety in adults with autism.

MDMA is known to science to give users a euphoric feeling, lots of energy, emotional warmth and empathy. MDMA is known to ravers and EDM enthusiasts for the same reasons: it feels great and literally makes you love everyone. If the whole world could do MDMA, all at the same time, war would be over and dancing would be the new international language.

Whoa… those colors…

Whoa... those colors...

Basically, it’s great for anyone who doesn’t do well in social situations. Which is why it’s hoped that it will help autistic adults who are high-functioning enough to feel the pressure of trying to fit in socially.

The study hopes to use the drug to reduce social nervousness and help the patient interact with their therapist on a closer, more open level.

Sure, MDMA is a drug that kills ravers and festival goers yearly. But that doesn’t mean it’s all bad. It’s actually relatively safe when administered by professionals in a clinical setting.

On the street, you have no idea what you’re getting. You’re just shoving pills of pressed mystery powder into your body, hoping for a good time. But in the lab, this drug could change lives.

Best part? It’s non-addictive in small doses. Hopefully when combined with therapy, MDMA will really help some people make major breakthroughs in personal and social growth. Some lucky people are gonna have some crazy fun therapy sessions.


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