Even If You Had 1000 Guesses, You’d Never Guess What This Woman...

Even If You Had 1000 Guesses, You’d Never Guess What This Woman Found In Her Granola Bar


No, Dear. This Is Not A Prize…

No, Dear. This Is Not A Prize...

Cynthia Rodrigues of San Antonio says she was eating her granola bar when a small, green bag emblazoned with dollar signs fell out. Thinking she had won a prize of some sort, she called General Mills Inc, the manufacturer of the granola bar.

Company officials told her to call the police.

The San Antonio police are investigating how a packet of cocaine ended up inside a wrapped Nature Valley granola bar.

Rodriguez contacted police March 18 and investigators determined the bag contained cocaine.

Sgt. Javier Salazar says authorities are trying to determine how the package got inside the granola bar wrapper.

A General Mills spokesman said Thursday that the Minneapolis-based company is confident the cocaine wasn’t packaged with the bar at a company facility. Mike Siemienas declined to say where the bar was produced.

Rodriguez said she was given several boxes of Nature Valley bars along with other snack products from a person who hands them out at as samples at San Antonio area stores.

She said the granola bar box and the wrapper itself did not appear to have been opened at any point before she got the products….

Interesting, since General Mills claims the granola bars move so quickly along its factory assembly lines that it would be “difficult” for someone to place drugs inside a wrapper.

I’d say it’s less likely that the cocaine just appeared inside the wrapper, but I’m sure that as the investigation grows, more details will come.


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