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This whole segment was just a complete clusterf*ck, if I do say so myself.

Fox & Friends hosts Brian Killmeade and guest host Scott Brown decided to bring on former Navy SEAL Derrick Van Orden who wrote a book about to how to be a man, and who devised a series of manhood tests.

While I think the only true “manhood test” that actually matters is whether or not you decide to check male on your important documents, problematizing antiquated gender roles aside, this tire changing segment meant to be one such manhood test went far behind the obvious inherent problems.

These two klutzes of hosts manage to somehow botch this tire change so badly literally the car started moving at one point (maybe put the car into park first?), lug nuts were strewn about will nilly, and poor Elisabeth Hasselback had to watch on in horror after actually being relegated to the side by Scott, a former senator, who clearly knew what he was doing with a jack:

“Watch your feet, Elisabeth.”

Just kidding, Scott was clueless AF. The whole vehicle almost came off the jack, and at one point, the two hosts decided to stop paying attention to the instructions of Derrick and just gave up, making jokes about AAA.



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