Here’s The Worst Crime Ever Committed By Robert Durst Caught On Camera

Here’s The Worst Crime Ever Committed By Robert Durst Caught On Camera



What did he do? Peed on them all, of course.

Accused serial killer Robert Durst, famous for his misspelling of the word Beverly and his renowned burping skills, is back in the news.

Last night, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office released footage back from 2014 of Robert whipping out his piece, and urinating on some candy at the checkout of a Houston CVS.

Knowing Durst’s legal team, they’ll probably try to spin it so that they make it seem that the CVS candy was trying to attack him, and he only urinated on it in self defense.

Well, according to Chip Lewis, his defense attorney, the incident was a medical mishap, the classic “when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to pee all over assorted candies” type of deal — in all seriousness, he also had just been released from the hospital a few days prior.

Apparently, Robert was well liked in this CVS, and was “friendly” with all the staff.

Of course, Robert currently faces a murder charge in California for the killing of writer Susan Berman, who he was also “friendly” with, in addition to being jailed in New Orleans on a gun charge.

To be fair, Robert turned himself in for the peeing debacle, pleaded no contest to the criminal mischief charge, a $500 charge, and $7,000 in charges to CVS.

Watch the eerie video of Robert firing off a few rounds from his bladder into the candy section. No word yet if he chopped the Reese’s into different pieces, and put them into garbage bags.


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