Meet Blue, The Bear Cub Who Will Make Your Day Complete

Meet Blue, The Bear Cub Who Will Make Your Day Complete


Hi Blue!

Hi Blue!

Boo Is Now Mobile

Blue is a bear cub who was rescued from the black market by Free the Bears. Boo suffers from spinal problems, and he has finally learned how to walk after months of 24-hour care.

And He Isn’t Afraid To Show His Appreciation For All Their Hard Work

And He Isn

Here Ya Go. Right In The Feels…


via Free The Bear’s Facebook Page

Here is the story of how a little rescued bear cub learned to walk.

Nicknamed Blue, he has spinal problems which were most likely caused by a physical trauma at an extremely young age. After his rescue, we gathered veterinary opinions from Cambodia and around the world with a lot of advice, as well as the difficult consideration of euthanasia if he began to show signs of pain, or his condition worsened.

His carers (like Mr. Heng seen in the video) used your donated Cub Care Kits to provide 24-hour care, as well as medicine and supplements, and helped him to exercise and build his strength. Not long after his arrival, new cub Baker was rescued, and his rambunctious spirit meant that Blue had no choice but to constantly build up his strength.

Months later, Blue is now able to walk on his feet (although not perfectly) and is able to climb on his frame. He still gets tired when he reaches the top and uses his teeth to help him hang on during his travels.

Blue is still a very young, growing bear and is not out of the woods yet, but he is dearly loved and we at Free the Bears are so happy with his progress.

Thank you to all our donors, supporters and professionals around the world who have helped us to give Blue the best shot at what was already his second chance at a happy life.


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