Mila Kunis Sued By Former Friend For Stealing WHAT??

Mila Kunis Sued By Former Friend For Stealing WHAT??


Why did the chicken cross the road? It was trying to return home after Mila Kunis stole it from it’s owner, we guess.

Kristina Karo, a woman claiming to have been childhood friends with the new mom, Mila Kunis, in their home country of Ukraine, is suing her for $5,000. Karo claims she needs the money to pay for therapy and emotional distress after Kunis stole her pet chicken when they were kids.

Karo, who has moved to Los Angeles to pursue a singing career, says that her being in the same city as Kunis has brought the memories back and “[prevents] her from pursuing the American dream.”

The chicken in question was named “Doggie,” and in first grade Kunis would often visit Karo to play with the chicken, which they both treated like a dog. According to TMZ, one day the chicken disappeared, Mila confessed to stealing her, and said, “Kristina, you can have any other chicken as a pet, you have a whole chicken farm.”

Kunis has yet to comment, but we feel like it might be something that rhymes with, “Cluck you.” At the very least, Karo is getting some publicity out of the ordeal.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present Kristina Karo’s single, Give Me Green Card.


Kristina Karo or Andy Dick’s come back as Daphne Aguilera?


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