Millions Of Baby Spiders Rain From The Skies In Australia

Millions Of Baby Spiders Rain From The Skies In Australia


Before we go any further: you have to promise me you’re not going to freak out.

Ok. Good.

Millions of baby spiders are raining down on rural parts of Australia.

Okay, calm down (you promised me you were not going to freak out, remember?)

According tp The Daily Mail, a man by the name of Ian Watson was outside when he discovered a series of black spiders falling onto his property from the sky. Making his place look like this:

It all sounds like nightmare fuel, but rest assured: science is here to explain it all!

This spider invasion is actually a migration tactic, referred to as “ballooning” (or “angel hair”), where baby spiders climb to a high point and release their silk. The silk then catches on a breeze and carries them away. It’s a technique responsible for allowing spiders to travel across the world.

When Watson saw his place covered in spider silk, the New South Wales resident immediately took to a private Facebook group to ask if anyone else around him was experiencing the same thing.

Here’s the good news, the blanket of silk will generally disappear by the morning after being exposed to cold temperatures overnight.

So it looks like you’ll be okay after all, folks.

If you want to see a video demonstrating the phenomenon of “angel hair” in action, check out the video below!


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