My Daily Routine for Beautiful Confidence

My Daily Routine for Beautiful Confidence


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Bikini season is approaching and if you haven’t started working hard to reach your nutritious and fitness goals, it’s not too late. In fact, you should strive for consistent healthy habits because it will lead to more rewarding changes in the way you look and feel. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important to me which is why I strive to look and feel my best 365 days a year. Working out and healthy eating makes me feel more energized, happier, and more physically fit.

Here’s my healthy routine that gives me the beautiful confidence to face the world.


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1. Breakfast smoothie- I love to start my mornings with a low-calorie breakfast drink. I load up my smoothie with fruits, greens and other nutritious foods to speed up my metabolism. It’s the perfect wake up breakfast for a great start to my day.

2. Zumba- I like an exercise program that gets me moving and rev up my energy levels while having fun which is why I love Zumba. The workouts are killer and the music is infectious.

3. Yoga- When I’m not getting my Zumba on, I like to yoga because it strengthens my muscles, tones the body, and is effective at reducing stress.

4. Bliss Fat Girl Six Pack– A supplemental product I use to tone and tighten my tummy. It contains 6 active ingredients and an ab-activating applicator to assist in toning and firming the skin: caffeine plus amino acids, creatine, oat kernel extract, latex-rich manilkara tree extract, menthol and a special botanical extract. I feel this product will get me one step closer to ‘ab’-solutely amazing results!

5. Healthy food- Eating the right foods keep the pounds off so I make sure to pack healthy fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains into my daily diet.

Now it’s your turn! What daily routine gives you that beautiful confidence to shine? Share your thoughts below!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Bliss, but my love for their products is all my own.

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