News From Deflategate: Tom Brady To Appeal His Suspension… And More

News From Deflategate: Tom Brady To Appeal His Suspension… And More


Let’s start with this. Nobody actually likes deflategate.

Patriots fans think the report is an unfair indictment about the team’s practices and integrity, while the rest of the world knows the New England Patriots are actually a bunch of cheaters.

Relax, folks. If we can’t laugh about it now, we’ll never get through this stupid ordeal.

It’s the type of sensationalized coverage that tantalizes and keeps people talking about football when we get into the lowly depths of the quiet off-season. And that means we’re going to hear nothing but deflategate, deflategate, deflategate all summer.

But the truth is, most people have already made up their minds on the relative innocence or guilt of the Patriots. Larger issues over whether the deflated balls really even affect the outcome of a lopsided match-up against an inferior team or if a rule about ball PSIs minimums should even be in existence seem to fall by the wayside.

So in an effort to reduce the amount of deflategate stories we’re going to print here at First Slice, we’re just going to create a grab-bag of headlines that will allow you to further the opinion you’ve already made up about the situation.

Without any further ado here are today’s top deflategate headlines.

– Tom Brady is going to appeal his suspension (ESPN).

– Last week, Robert Kraft said the Patriots would “accept the findings” of the NFL report; This week writes a 20,000 word rebuttal to the report (ESPN).

– Patriots claim Colts ball boys once had “needles hidden up sleeves.” (Fox Sports).

– Did the NFL troll the Patriots on Instagram? (Fox Sports)

– Patriots claim Jim McNally’s “deflator” reference was in regards to his weight? (Fox Sports)

That’ll do it for today’s installment folks. Who knows what headlines tomorrow may hold.


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