Not The Bees, Not The Bees! Truck Overturns On I-5 Spilling Up...

Not The Bees, Not The Bees! Truck Overturns On I-5 Spilling Up To 14 Million Bees In Washington!


If you’re in Washington right now, and currently hear a slowly growing buzzing noise, run. If you’re also using enjoying honey at the same time, run faster.

On Friday, a semitruck carrying roughly 14 million bees rolled over on the I-5 medium near Lynnwood, Washington, spilling its stingy contents out into the open.

Somehow, the driver managed to walk away uninjured. In my opinion, it’s a miracle he doesn’t look like this guy:

According to Washington State Department of Transportation, beekeepers managed to get to the scene within the hour to wrangle up the escaped honeybees.

But as the day grew warmer, the bees became more agitated, as television reporters were attempting to swat away the bees. Firefighters had to spray some of the hives with a mixture of water and foam in order to slow down, or kill the creatures.

Out of the 458 hives on the truck, only 128 were saved, making this the real first bee-related disaster since The Happening.

Here’s a picture of the carnage:

Thankfully, honeybees rarely attack unless disturbed, and since motorist for the most part stayed indoors, Walter Sheppard, a professor of entomology at Washington State University, said that he didn’t anticipate any actual danger. You know, unless the bees suddenly figured out how to open doors. Cue: Jurassic Park music.

The real victims today? The bees themselves.

God save the Queen!

My heart goes out to the families of the bees lost today, and the little larva they may be leaving behind.


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