Oh Awesome, These Long Lost Siblings Found Each Other On Tinder, Wait…...

Oh Awesome, These Long Lost Siblings Found Each Other On Tinder, Wait… That’s Gross


Family reunions are a bit awkward. You haven’t seen Aunt so-and-so in a long time and she still thinks you’re twelve years old, or your grandpa starts making racists comments, or your cousin just got accepted to three Ivy League schools and you’re thinking about community college..

If you ever feel bad in these situations, think of this story. It’s kind of heartwarming, but mostly disgusting.

Two long-lost siblings found each other on the dating app, Tinder. If you don’t know why that’s gross, we’ll spell it out for you. You both have to swipe right on each other, meaning you’re interested in them, in order to send them a message. Which means these two siblings would totally be down to at least kiss a little bit before they put the pieces together that they’re actually related.

15 years ago, Erik de Vries and Josephine Egberts‘s parents split up. De Vries, along with his twin Maarten, moved with their dad to Belgium, and their little sister stayed in the Dutch city of Breda. Over the years, the siblings lost touch.

Now 24, De Vries moved back to the Netherlands to go to school, and like every red-blooded male, signed up for Tinder.

When he swiped right on his sister, she was the last thing on his mind. De Vries and his brother just failed to find her a few years ago. He admits, “In our first conversation I was actually flirting with her so the conversation was very superficial.” That’s gross, dude. Like, no one told you that you had to be totally truthful in your interview with the NL Times.

As the conversation went on, it started to become obvious that they were talking to their brother/sister. The conversation probably went a little something like this.

Erik: My parents had a pretty nasty divorce.
Josephine: OMG, me too. They split us up, I haven’t seen my twin brother in 15 years.
Erik: That’s crazy, I’m a twin and I haven’t seen my little sister in 15 years.
Josephine: That’s an eerie coincidence.
Erik: Anyway, you want to hook up tonight?
Josephine: I think we’re brother and sister.
Erik: God, dating is so hard. Why does this always happen to me?

The two met up a week later. Not for a casual Tinder date, but to reunite the family. Talk about an awkward family reunion. And to think, if they weren’t attracted to one another they may have never seen each other again.

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