Pirate Treasure: Divers Find 110-Pound Silver Bar Believed To Be Capt. Kidds

Pirate Treasure: Divers Find 110-Pound Silver Bar Believed To Be Capt. Kidds



It’s pretty awesome that there’s still buried pirate treasure hidden around the world. Anyone else suddenly feel like getting into treasure hunting?

A team led by renowned U.S. underwater explorer Barry Clifford pulled a 110-pound silver bar out of the water around Sainte Marie island, Madagascar.

The huge silver ingot, thought to be from 17th century Bolivia, is theorized to have been a part of the notorious Captain Kidd‘s treasure.

Yes, a piece of the famous pirate’s treasure may have been found. Capt. Kidd was a Scotsman, hired by England to protect English ships and capture enemy French vessels. He quickly turned to piracy and captured gold, silver, jewels, and other piratey things.

After attacking a merchant ship whose owner had powerful connections, Kidd was eventually arrested and executed, dying by hanging in 1701.

It’s thought by many that Kidd has buried treasure all around the world, so this is a big deal. Barry Clifford may have just found a chunk of Kidd’s booty.

The huge block of silver was presented to Madagascar’s President Hery Rajaonarimampianina and U.S./U.K. diplomats at a ceremony on Sainte Marie island.

They’re hoping this will drive more tourism to Madagascar. I have a feeling this will certainly drive more amateur treasure hunters to the area, at least.

I really hope that Barry keeps on diving and pulling more treasure out of the ocean.

Maybe next time he’ll go for something a little more… wooden chesty? Preferably overflowing with gold coins and maybe a pearl necklace partially hanging out of the cracked open lid.

Just a suggestion. Otherwise, congrats Barry on the big find! That’s one heavy bar of silver, hope they let you keep it. (Or at least pay you handsomely for it.)


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