Pizza Has Literally Saved The Day — Crust Helps Catch Suspect In...

Pizza Has Literally Saved The Day — Crust Helps Catch Suspect In A Quadruple Murder


We always knew pizza was good, but we never realized how good. We were so naive to pizza’s crime fighting abilities, until now.

A DNA sample left on an uneaten pizza crust led investigators to ID a suspect in a quadruple murder inside of a Washington, D.C. mansion last week.

Charles Smith, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms special agent in charge of this case said that the ATF’s specialized lab matched the DNA. He says agents started working as soon as possible, working diligently over the weekend, and collected the evidence that broke the case.

The suspect, Daron Dylan Wint was named by Metropolitan Police, but they have yet to rule out if more people were allegedly involved in the crime. Wint, whose DNA is on records because of his past crimes, was wanted on first degree murder charges when arrested.

A person believed to be a relative of Wint, who does not wish to be named, says that he was due in court on May 14th, the day the victim’s home was found on fire, and the bodies of the four victims, were found dead inside.

The pizza crust was from a Domino’s delivery made to the home at 9PM, before the fire.

So, thank you pizza, for putting this jerk behind bars.

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