Restaurant Shut Down After Serving The Most Horrifying Thing You Can Think...

Restaurant Shut Down After Serving The Most Horrifying Thing You Can Think Of



Um... WHAT?

Ever wondered what’s in that burger? I guess sometimes ignorance is bliss…

A restaurant in Nigeria has been shut down after police discovered HUMAN FLESH was being served to customers.

Locals contacted police after suspecting something was taking place in the kitchen, and when the hotel restaurant was raided, officers discovered human heads still dripping with blood in plastic bags.

Automatic weapons and mobile phones were also found.

Pretty much. Yeah.

“Every time I went to the market, I observed strange activities going on in the hotel,” one local resident told the BBC.

A local priest who ate at the restaurant said he was charged 700 Naira (around 2.20) for the food, where the daily average wage for millions of Nigerians is just 60p.

Speaking to BBC Swahili, he said: “The attendant noticed my reaction and told me it was the small piece of meat I had eaten that made the bill that high.

“I did not know I had been served with human meat, and that it was that expensive.”

In 2013, Chinese authorities revealed that a gang of traders were arrested for buying rat, fox and mink flesh and selling it as mutton.

In a public statement, the Ministry of Public Security said 63 people were caught and accused of buying the meat and dousing it in gelatine, red pigment and nitrates to be sold as lamb in popular tourist spot Shanghai and Jiangsu Province.

The meat is said to have been sold for about 644,000 at markets in the areas.

China’s Prime Minister Li Keqiang has said that improving food safety is a priority.


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