This Air France Flight Almost Flew Into A Volcano!

This Air France Flight Almost Flew Into A Volcano!


This could have actually been a real thing.

This could have actually been a real thing.

Do you ever think to yourself while a kid is kicking your seat back behind you in the middle of your flight, that “hey, I wish we could fly right into the mouth of a volcano. That would show that kid?” Well, pump the breaks on those thoughts there, chief. Because that could happen.

An Air France flight got a little too close to an active volcano earlier this month, so sorry mom I won’t be flying home for Thanksgiving/Christmas/ever again.

On May 2nd, Flight AF 953 was en route from Malabo in Equatorial Guinea to Douala, Cameroon when the pilots attempted to avoid a storm by flying close to Mount Cameroon.

Oh, that’s nice of them to steer from a OH GOD MOUNT CAMEROON IS A F*CKING VOLCANO.

Apparently, the active volcano set off an alarm (which was probably a message from the plane’s computer asking the pilots if they wanted to be prepared medium or well done), and the pilots ascended the plane from 9,000 feet to 13,000 feet without passengers knowing it.

I’m glad they didn’t find out the hard way….

I'm glad they didn't find out the hard way....

Air France is conducting an internal investigation and issued the following statement:

“Air France’s priority is to ensure the highest safety standards in all circumstances. Air France has always chosen the best equipment for flight safety and places great importance on the monitoring of its crews.”

Well, that’s good to hear, now stay the f*ck away from magma spouting mountains, and you should be all set, Air France.

You’re welcome, the SyFy channel.


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