This Beanie Baby Bought For $15 Could Be Worth HOW Much??

This Beanie Baby Bought For $15 Could Be Worth HOW Much??


“Yes, look into my soulless, expensive eyes.”

If you had asked anyone back in the year 1997 what the most sound financial investment was, they would scream “beanie babies, you fool!”

Beanie Babies were the 90s gold standard. That is until the world collectively realized that the viral TY toys were useless pieces of sh*t.

Well, despite popular judgement, apparently not every Beanie Baby deserved to be thrown away, or stowed in your attic, or traded in for your classmate’s Pokemon cards.

A British couple, Leah Rogers and Ryan Flanaghan, recently bought the above purple Beanie Baby at a flea market sale for roughly $15. Don’t ask me to translate that into pounds, or the Wizarding currency Galleons. Just don’t.

Now, here’s where things get interesting. The bear was created as a tribute to Princess Diana after her untimely death, and apparently, there were only 100 were made. In fact, this small, harmless creature may be worth over $93,000. That’s like a whole lot of Tickle Me Elmos!

The couple has started an auction for the stuffed animal at roughly $37,000, and plans to use the dough for a down payment on a house together.

In other news, how much do you think all my dead Tamagotchis are worth? 30? 40 cents?


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