Want To Pass This Art Class? Get Naked With The Professor

Want To Pass This Art Class? Get Naked With The Professor


Art school is a weird concept, really. Some artists scoff at it, others believe it helped them hone and define their craft. I went to art school and took a puppetry class, and here I am. We’re not sure what students at University of California, San Diego might feel.

In order to pass an upper-level course, which is a pre-req for a class that is needed to earn your diploma, all 20 students of the class and the professor must be nude in the last class. Many defend the professor, and the course, maintaining that it is a “performing the self” class. The issue is covered in the syllabus as the “erotic self” assignment, which requires students to “Create a gesture that traces the outlines or speaks about your ‘erotic self(s).'”

The class is defined as:

Using autobiography, dream, confession, fantasy or other means to invent one’s self in a new way, or to evoke the variety of selves in our imagination, the course experiments with and explores the rich possibilities available to the contemporary artist in his or her own persona.

The professor, Ricardo Dominguez, has been doing this assignment for 11 years. “It’s a standard canvas for performance art and body art,” Dominguez said. “If they are uncomfortable with this gesture, they should not take the course.”

What do you think? Is Dominguez a misunderstood genius or a creepy peeper who found a way to see naked college students for 11 years?


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