Watch The World’s First Hologram Protest March (Video)

Watch The World’s First Hologram Protest March (Video)


Staging a virtual protest was only a matter of time.

Staging a virtual protest was only a matter of time.

Thousands of people marched past a parliament building in Spain last week. Some were chanting, while others were holding up picket signs. They were all speaking out against the Citizen Safety Law, which some are calling “The Gag Law.” What made this protest particularly unique is that it was comprised entirely of holograms.

The use of virtual people to protest this particular law was not a coincidence. According to spokesman Carlos Escano, “Our protest with holograms is ironic. With the restrictions we’re suffering on our freedoms of association and peaceful assembly, the last option that will be left to us in the end will be to protest through our holograms.”

Organizers of the march added in a statement that the law “restricts citizens’ liberties and criminalizes their right to protest… turning a right into an offense for which you can be pursued, detained and judged.”

When the new law goes into effect in July, protesters could be fined nearly $32,000 for participating in demonstrations in front of congressional or other government buildings.

People all over the world participated in the virtual march. Organizers asked interested parties to go to their website and allow their faces to be filmed via a webcam. The recordings were then transformed into holograms.

The entire protest lasted for about an hour on Friday night. You can watch video of the event below.



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