Why You Should Invest in LUSH Products

Why You Should Invest in LUSH Products



LUSH products

I first heard about Lush cosmetics 2 years ago when my co-worker bought me LUSH soaps as a christmas present. Ever since then, I was in love. They smell so nice and it looks and smells so fresh. LUSH is a very popular store where they sell fresh handmade soaps. I was reading a magazine where it mentioned Lindsay Lohan shops at the LUSH Santa Monica store and I said to myself, “OMG, I shop there too!” :)

They also sell other great products for the body, face, and hair. So far I have only used their soaps and their body creams. LUSH creams smell delicious, are very healthy, and contains all natural ingredients. All of their moisturizing ingredients are from plants and they contain no petroleum oil. LUSH definitely leaves my skin soft and smooth. LUSH cosmetics is worldwide so you can find it just about anywhere.

Have you tried LUSH products? What’s your favorite product?

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