Yellowstone’s Volcano: Larger Than We Thought & Almost As Big As Roland...

Yellowstone’s Volcano: Larger Than We Thought & Almost As Big As Roland Emmerich’s Excitement


Oh, volcanoes… the zits of the Earth!

Oh, volcanoes... the zits of the Earth!

If you ever watched any of the films I like to affectionately categorize as disaster porn, just know that it might not be so fictional one day. However, the chances of that day being today are about as high as getting struck by lightening OH SH*T WAS THAT THUNDER?!

Yellowstone is home to a supervolcano, but until recently, experts had no idea the vast amount of hot, molten magma that lies below it.

In a recently published study conducted using seismic technology, scientists discovered that there is enough magma beneath Yellowstone to fill the Grand Canyon 14 times.

That’s like ordering a diet coke at a restaurant, and ordering a refill… 13 times. HOW CAN YELLOWSTONE HANDLE THAT IF MY BLADDER CAN’T, APPLEBEES?!

Nonsense comparisons aside, the ultimate heat source of all this magma reservoir may reach anywhere from 440 to 1,800 miles beneath the surface. But don’t worry, or worry just a little. Or a lot. The yearly chance of Yellowstone erupting, and incinerating man and Yogi Bear alike, is around 1 in 700,000.

But if it ever does explode… someone call Tommy Lee Jones or Pierce Brosnan. They’re our only hope.


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