You Can Now Legally Serve Divorce Papers On Facebook

You Can Now Legally Serve Divorce Papers On Facebook


A judge in New York City has signed off on the world’s first Facebook divorce.

After years of failed attempts to serve her husband with divorce papers, Ellanora Arthur Baidoo had almost lost hope because Victor Sena Blood-Dzraku was nowhere to be found. Baidoo’s attorney Andrew Spinnell said that his client was able to speak to her husband on the phone, but that he “refused to make himself available to be served.” Blood-Dzraku reportedly told his wife that he has no place of employment or fixed address.

However, Spinnell had one more idea that he hadn’t pursued: Serving Blood-Dzraku via social media. After hearing the case, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper ruled that Baidoo can legally use Facebook to serve her husband with the divorce papers as long as she proves that it is his account and that he actively uses it.

Blood-Dzraku has been contacted twice so far on Facebook but has not yet responded. A divorce “by default” ruling in Baidoo’s favor would be a possibility if her husband does not acknowledge the summons.


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