You’d Be More Comfortable In Antarctica Than NYC Right Now

You’d Be More Comfortable In Antarctica Than NYC Right Now


Global Warming, Shmobal Warming. Amiright?

Global Warming, <em>Shmobal Warming</em>. Amiright?

Throw on some shorts and sandals – and maybe a scarf – and vacation in Antarctica!

Okay, maybe don’t. It’s still the Arctic Tundra.

But last Tuesday, Antarctica hit its highest temperature ever at 63 degrees Fahrenheit, a whopping thirteen degrees warmer than, say, Manhattan at 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Post’s Sarah Kaplan says:

How bad is Antarctic ice loss? Let scientists count the ways. In December, researchers reported that West Antarctica, one of the world’s most unstable ice sheets, is collapsing faster than anyone had predicted and contributing to rapid sea level rise. Earlier this month, the same was found to be true of Totten Glacier in East Antarctica.

This week, glaciologists report the massive floating ice shelves that form a fringe along the continent’s coastline are also deteriorating.

Multiple studies this past year have shown a loss of ice along Antarctica’s coasts and within its interior. With temperatures rising by 5 degrees over the past 50 years, an amount insignificant to most people, this could soon become a much bigger problem as more and more ice melts each year.

In an interview with Vice, Doug Martinson, a professor at Lamont-Doherty, says that even if temperatures stopped rising, the ocean is already so full of heat that Antarctica would continue to melt at the same rate.

He also added that it may now be too late to do anything to stop this climate change.


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