You’ll Never Believe How Denver Police Reacted To 4/20!

You’ll Never Believe How Denver Police Reacted To 4/20!


This is how I imagine the way a police station’s Twitter account is run. By typing frantically into the air.

We hope that everyone enjoyed their 4/20 legally, and so did Denver police.

In fact, Denver Police Department‘s Twitter account sent out the chillest of vibes to all potheads on this

Here was their Twitter message that you should feel to puff and pass… uh, I mean retweet, mom, I totally meant retweet:

Whoa, this tweet is guilty of police brutality on my ribs I’m laughing so hard.

You know we’ve made it as a society when authorities are using Chamillionaire lyrics to stop people from consuming marijuana irresponsibly.

Not that anyone knows where Chamillionaire has been for the past few year. Actually, lean in close… (points to your heart) he lives in you.

Well, did the tweet work? Did it quell the onset of “reefer madness?”

Well, you tried Denver Police Department. Let’s be real though. Trying to do anything on 4/20 usually fails.


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